After filing for bankruptcy (either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13), you must complete an education course for debtors. Register for the course online or take it by phone. The course walks you through some additional basic budget and financial management strategies. Expect to spend about 60-90 minutes on the course. If you are filing a joint bankruptcy with your spouse, you must both take the course together, and must both complete the course prior to your bankruptcy being discharged. 

After you complete the course, you must speak with a phone counselor who may ask a few questions to see if you understand the material. If you take the course online, you'll be provided with a phone number to call a counselor.

Certificates for the course will be sent directly to David to include with your Bankruptcy case. See below for cost.

Take the course online

Step 1: Go to Step 2: Enter your Access Code:0655678 Step 3: Complete your registration by following the on-screen instructions

Take the course by phone

Step 1: Call (877) 213-6519 Step 2: Enter your Access Code: 0655678 Step 3: Complete your registration by following the recorded instructions on the phone

Available course providers

Pre-filing Course ProviderCourse PriceCourse AvailabilityCounselor OnlineCounselor Phone
Debt Education and Certification Foundation$2424/724/724/7
Second Bankruptcy Course$1524/7M-F: 8am – 8pm EST*M-F: 8am – 8pm EST*

All online and telephonic courses are available in English and Spanish.
*A live SBC Counselor session is only required if the automated quiz is failed twice.

Questions? Contact myHorizon support M-F 8 - 8pm ET.

Toll-free: 888.410.6988


All Providers listed above are approved to issue certificates evidencing completion of debtor education in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of the Provider's services. To see a full list of US Trustee approved providers visit the US Trustee office website:

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