• Before I can prepare and file your case, you must provide ALL of the items in this list
  • Please make copies of all documents as ORIGINALS WILL NOT BE
  • If you provide originals, the minimum charge for our office to make copies is $50.00.
  • The policy of this office is to destroy many paper files, including some original documents, upon filing of your case.


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  • PAY STUBS for the past SEVEN MONTHS.
    If you do not have ALL of your pay stubs, you will need to get them from your payroll/HR department.
    If you are married, you must provide income evidence for both spouses, even if one spouse is not filing.
    You must update pay stubs until the date of your filing.
    This includes business profit and loss statements, social security for you and your children, pensions, public or private retirement, child support or alimony, unemployment compensation, workers compensation, annuities, rental income, and regular contributions to you.
    If you are married, you must provide income evidence for both spouses, even if one spouse is not filing.
  • TAXES:Federal and state tax returns for the past THREE YEARS.
    If you are married and file separately, please provide returns for both parties.
    If you cannot find all three years, you will need to order tax transcripts from the IRS web site (
    Please provide copies only as originals are not returned.
  • BANK STATEMENTS: Checking/savings statements for THREE MONTHS. You must update statements until the date of your filing.
    You must provide a current balance of each account on the date of filing (such as ATM receipt or computer printout).
  • BILLS:The MOST RECENT bill with account number and creditor address.
    Please remove from envelopes and discard all inserts.
  • VEHICLES: Title or memorandum of title for every motor vehicle you own.
    This includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, trailers, mobile homes, ATVs, etc.
    If you cannot find a title, you must obtain a duplicate from the BMV.
  • IDENTIFICATION:A copy of your driver’s license and social security card.
    If you can’t find your card, you must order a new one from Social Security.
  • INSURANCE INFORMATION:A copy of your current vehicle and homeowners/renters insurance statements showing agent contact information, effective dates, and policy number.
  • LIFE INSURANCE: A copy of all life insurance policy declaration pages.
    This must include evidence of the cash surrender value and beneficiary.
    This is not needed if your life insurance is provided by your employer.
  • RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS: The MOST RECENT statement for every 401K, 403(B), public/school/police or fire employee retirement, IRA, or any other retirement account you own.
  • INTEREST INCOME: Interest statements for the last SEVEN MONTHS. This includes annuities, stock or mutual fund dividends, and/or royalties.
  • LOAN DOCUMENTS: A copy of all loan agreements secured by property. This includes vehicle leases, new car loans, loans for which personal property was listed as collateral, and rent-to-own agreements.
  • LAWSUITS: A copy of ALL lawsuits filed against you, including foreclosures.
  • DIVORCE/DISSOLUTION: If your marriage ended in the last EIGHT YEARS, a copy of your divorce or dissolution decree and separation agreement.
  • CHILD SUPPORT: A copy of the most recent child support order, and the name, address and phone number of each person who receives the support. Also provide the name and address of each Child Support Enforcement Agency for which there is a support order.
  • POTENTIAL LAWSUITS/CLAIMS: Information about any auto accident, medical malpractice, workers compensation, employment claim, class action lawsuit, or any other potential claims during the past FOUR YEARS.
  • BANKRUPTCY: A copy of your discharge if you have EVER filed bankruptcy.
  • REAL ESTATE: The recorded deed (title to your home, available at the county recorder’s office), and the recorded mortgage(s) (the lien the money lender filed on your home, also available at the county recorder’s office). The recorder’s office for many Ohio counties are online and I may obtain these documents for you. If you own any property outside Ohio, including timeshares and other vacation property, you must obtain and provide these documents.