The 341 hearing, also known as a meeting of creditors, takes place at the United States Bankruptcy Court at 170 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 between Spring and Long streets. See the map on this page for location. 

We recommend you arrive at the federal court building least one half-hour before the scheduled start time of your hearing, as downtown traffic and parking can be unpredictable. 

170 N High St
Columbus, OH 43215

30 W Spring St
Columbus, OH 43215

45 E Spring St
Columbus, OH 43215

40 E Long St
Columbus, OH 43215


Parking is available at a number of lots and garages near the courthouse. See the map for parking locations. Be sure to bring cash or a debit card to pay for parking. Plan to be in the parking spot up to two hours. Meetings don't normally last that long, but when it's extremely busy or when you are near the end of the docket, that is entirely possible.

DO NOT PARK AT FEDEX-KINKOS next door to the Court building. YOU WILL BE TOWED.

Federal Courthouse Security

Similar to airport security, you’ll be required to pass through a metal detector and be screened for weapons and metal by the U.S. Marshals who maintain security at the entry. You’ll empty keys, change, cell phones, and any other metal objects into a basket to pass through an x-ray conveyor. You may also be required to remove shoes and belt. Note: The court recently started allowing cell phones into the secure area. Please be sure to turn your cell phone off prior to entering the meeting room.

Once inside the secure area, make your way to the waiting room (the first door on the right in the courthouse hallway). Inside the waiting room, there are lists of debtors posted at the doors of each meeting room; find your name on the list and be prepared to enter that room once you have spoken with your attorney.